Hi, I'm Mario
Product guy based in Valencia with over 7 years experience
UXC Nielsen Norman Group
Mario Araque NNgroup UX Certified
Scrum Master certified
Mario Araque Scrum Master Certified
Design Thinking Certified
Mario Araque Design Thinking Certified
Product Owner certified
Mario Araque Product Owner Certified
About me

My name is Mario Araque. I was born in Argentina and raised in Valencia. I am a Product guy driven by curiosity and dissatisfaction.

My focus is to add value to customers, discovering what are their main problems, and solving it with the rest of the team. Always data informed and user centered, I always strive to understand business objectives, to combine them with the user's needs, and provide value to create first quality products and teams.

Product direction
Vision, strategic planning, identifying gaps & solutions, strategy, Insights
  • Strategy definition & influence
  • Roadmap creation & rationale
  • Alignment & Evangelism
  • Customer focus
  • Analytic focus
  • Competitive Insight
People leadership
Team / org building and health, cross functional partnership, company contributions, and influencing skills. Leadership behaviour
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Total ownership
  • Decisiveness
Product execution
Team / org execution, knowledge & expertise, communications. Execution, Driving outcomes
  • Start with the problem
  • Think big, start small
  • Ship to learn
  • Ship the whole customer experience