Adapting Scrum to a UX Model

UX Agile

In this article I am going to give you some tips to work better if you are in a Development Team. If you are an UX designer, you should work in things the rest of the development team will do in the future sprints. So, you will have a special treatment with the Product Owner or the Scrum Master.

How to adapt UX to Scrum

Here are different tips to prevent problems applying Scrum:

Schedule the UX team deliverables (wireframes, user flows, etc) at least two sprints in advance to align with the Software development team's sprint schedule. With this change, the Product Owner can review the deliverables and catch issues, for example system limitations.

Remember to revise design and development increment. Probably you will do that in a future Sprint. Create a task to review every increment related with your UX deliverable. For example, you need to check if a design follow the structure defined in the wireframing stage.

Onboard the UX team to Scrum. The UX team need to learn the principles of Scrum, to adapt and speak the same language of the rest of the Development team.

Allow time for planning. Of course, the UX team will be more effective if they have time to plan. Remember that you can have another meetings in addition to the Daily meeting. It is mandatory to talk with the Product Owner about planning, to have an updated Product Backlog.