Importance of prototyping

Importance of prototyping

In my new job we are starting prototype our projects for our new clients. Although we knew it was important, we doesn't know how to apply our mockups/prototypes effectively. We have been thinking for an appropriate approach, and I wand to tell us about that.

Improve project's evolution
With a nice prototype we can provide quick feedback to our client, showing the first version of their future project usability. They can see the skeleton and structure to think about things such as menu items, position of elements, design ideas, etc.
Also, if they see this first version, we can prevent "late feedback" (future changes that we might have known before).
Finally, I know that the client wants to see a Sketch/Photoshop design, but our work is to "educate" and guide into the steps of the project. This prototype is about usability, not the final design.

Better SEO communication
If the client approves the prototype, we will know the structure of the project and the SEO specialist can start work without stopping our sprint.
Of course it is not about semantic html code, only url structure.

A strong project base
Finally, the most important reason is the declaration of the project base. Start a project with dudes and without client's feedback is very bad and not recommended. We learn that the client has to know every step we take.

A tool for prototyping
We decide to use Atomic to create prototypes. It has a beta app but with excellent user experience and usability. We can create prototypes quickly and easily.
Another good option is Uxpin, but we prefer Atomic for its flexibility.